Project Mission

Art Contact is a non-profit cultural center based in Tirana that, in the past 7 years, has organized dozens of successful projects in the realms of art and heritage. Their last project focuses on developing and carrying out educational activities which combine art and social criticism in high-schools throughout Albania.

The Creative School aims to encourage and train high school students in different Albanian cities to highlight and address social problems faced by citizens of their respective communities through the use of artistic media, namely Photovoice and Mural Paintings.

This project will develop in the months of January, February and March in the following schools:

  • Kostanding Kristoforidhi High School [Elbasan]
  • Naim Frashëri High School[Durrës]
  • Skënderbeu High School [Krujë]
  • Aleks Buda High School [Tiranë]
  • Gramoz Palushi High School [Tiranë]


Photovoice is a technique that gains its strength through the use of photography, writing and social criticism. It has been used world-wide by specific communities [including youth, ethnic or religious minorities, refugees etc.]  to identify and communicate their views on issues and problematics encountered in their daily life. In the context of The Creative School, this project aims to afford high school students throughout Albania the possibility to voice their main concerns about their lived realities, concerns that are pressing but not articulated in other forums

For this aspect of the project, high school students will first identify those social problems that are of concern to their specific communities and will elaborate on them via the photographic image and accompanying text. Each group is expected to contribute 20 photographs on a particular topic.

In addition, a group of15-20 students from each school will paint murals within school grounds so as to give life and color to the premises as well as to artistically express their views on topics of social importance.


The unfolding of this project will be actively exhibited on our blog which will also be a venue where students from each high school can communicate with their peers and comment on each other’s work.

We are also planning to host an exhibition of the final projects .